Tuesday, 11 October 2011

17 Magnetized Nail Polish

I had never even heard of this until a friend bought some from Nails Inc and showed me. I thought it was pretty cool but not worth the £14 she paid. Then I stumbled into boots today and low and behold a gigantic stand with the lovely beauties displayed at only £4.99.
me playing around with shapes on my nails

The polish contains very fine metal particles, so when you apply the polish, whilst it’s still wet, hover the magnet (which is part of the cap) over your nail and watch the effect appear!

I chose the green colour and with one coat was amazed by the gorgeous texture and coverage, so by itself is a good polish. I didn’t find the magnet tricky as it has a ledge to help you avoid it touching the nail. My nails currently don’t match as I was trying out different angles and lengths of time holding the magnet to see what shapes I could get. 

Magnet in top
Overall I would say it’s pretty easy and pretty affective, the polish seems good quality so I am very happy with this purchase, definitely worth a try!

What do you think?


  1. looks great on you, thank you for reviewing :) want to try it out now! x

  2. i want to try the red next, would look lovely near xmas time!

  3. I really want this but can't find it anywhere x

  4. they are all in our Boots, 17 always have them in. good luck finding them x


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