Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bella Bamba by Benefit

Well, as I did win Benefits Blog Fan Of The Month this year, I thought would re-post my review about their latest box of Powder. Here it is:

Ola! Fellow Beneholics, my name is Laura Moreton. I’m 25-years-old, and I am an avid user of Benefit Cosmetics for about 3 years. What I’ve always found appealing about the brand is its quality, style and quirkiness, plus its ability to make me feel stunning!

The product I’m reviewing is ‘Bella Bamba’, Benefit’s latest 3D brightening pink face powder.

First impressions was the amazing packaging with psychedelic pinks to catch the eye! Plus, so happy that Benefit has finally incorporated a mirror. The colour is amazing; it is described as a watermelon pink and has gorgeous subtle shimmering gold undertones and smells so good, like sweets and flowers combined (well that’s what my nose is telling me).

I’m quite impressed with the new design of brush as the bristles are longer than the previous sort and slightly curved, making the application more subtle and natural.

This product is highly pigmented so a little goes far and certainly lasts longer than most blushers; requires only a little for touching up in the evening. It’s a colour that I believe will suit most skin types and for me it really brightens up my complexion, making my skin look dewy, young and fresh.

The best tip I can give is to use as an eyeshadow! It is simply ‘stunning’ and brings out my green eyes to open up my face.

When I was in hospital recently, all I took was this and mascara as I wore it all over, making it a good time saver.

If you really want to stretch the use of this product, I’ve even worn it on my lips to try it out, mixing with benebalm…and guess what….stunning!

I think Benefit have really done us proud with this one! xxx
Laura Moreton xxx
Fan of the Month

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