Monday, 7 November 2011

Betty Hula's 'The Secret' Facial Oil

I need to tell you about this new brand called ‘Betty Hula’ as I'm really starting to love it. I love all things handmade and organic and that’s what stuck out with this, as all products have been handmade using traditional techniques, with a twist of exotic Hawaiian inspired scents.

I'm in love with their facial oil called ‘The Secret’. I'm a huge fan of facial oils and have been using them for a couple of years now so I feel I have a good base to form this judgement. I have normal skin some of the time and dry/senstitive skin the other times, which are more often than not. But since using oils my skin has vastly improved. Most people think oils make you oily, but they dont, they completely sink into your skin, making it feel norished and moisturised. Also for those with oily skin you will find you may produce less oil as this tells your body it doesnt need to produce as much.

Moving on to this one in particular. Its retails on for £15.99 for 50ml, which compared to other facial oils is a good price as a lot retail for a similar price but for 20-30ml. the smell of this oil is devine, i usually find most smell the same but this has a citrus undertone, which i find really refreshing.

This has definately combatted my dry skin, in fact i cant stop stroking my face! I tend to use this about 3/4 times a week after ive washed my face and its still damp from my shower. That way it takes in maximum moisture.

 The ingredients in this are: Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil - all nourishes ingredients.

 Overall I'd give a 10/10 for this facial oil. What do you think of facial oils? and have you tried this one?

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