Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Current Make-up Wish List!

Well as it’s the New Year and I’m now skint after the Christmas Festivities, I thought I would create a ‘Wish List’ for my makeup wants. As part of my new year resolutions (which I will post tomorrow) I've decided to use up the makeup I have, then invest wisely in products I really want. So here it is:

1. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
The reason this is first on my list is because there is no excuse not to pick this up now as its so cheap. It needs no introduction, I’ve seen this little baby on countless monthly faves, with ravings about its great coverage, amazing staying power and no creases. Why wouldn’t I get this, after all its less than a fiver, I need this in my life!

2. Boots 17 Beehive Mirror Shine Lipstick
Apologies as the image may/or may not be the Beehive shade (oops). Anyway, must have number 2 is the gorgeous Beehive shade from Boots 17. This is has been recommended across the beauty blogging community and for that reason I want it, plus it stunning.

3. MAC Lipstick
I hear such great things about MAC, I am a MAC Virgin I’m afraid but I want to jump on the band wagon. I hear many great things, in fact ONLY, great things about these lipsticks, I'm not sure on the shade I want, as I need to research more, but I'm thinking ‘Shy Girl’. Who knows, we’ll see.

4. MAC Mineralize Skin finish
The second MAC product on my list is the Mineralize skin finish. I’ve watched so many foundation routines where this is used to give a flawless, velvet-soft finish. I basically just want a flawless, velvet-soft finish and want to try MAC, so it fits in!

5. Diesel Loverdose Eau de Parfum
I was intrigued when I heard about this scent as it sounds so unique, with top notes of mandarin & star anise, followed by the two key notes of liquorice & rich vanilla. I heard it was a Marmite fragrance (i.e. you either love it or hate it, not that it smells of marmite). So I trotted down to Boots for a smell….and I love it! my office was divided, half loved it and half hated it, so a definite divider perfume. It's nothing like I have so I can justify wanting it!

6. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All-Over Radiance Creme
Well what can I say about this, it gives an all-over lustrous finish and was recommended by Vivianna Does Make Up AND Tanya Burr need I say more.

7. Jemma Kidd Light As Air Liquid Foundation SPF 18
This is fast becoming another beauty cult product thanks to Vivianna and Tanya Burr. Reviews for this are phenomenal, with claims of flawless skin and a light weight texture. I was never fussed at first but I'm hearing daily how good this is online so I want to put it to the test. Watch this space!

8. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I think this is the biggest cult product of the year from what I've been hearing, I think everyone and their dog uses this cleanser. I have great cleansers at home so this product I won’t be getting for a long while as I want to use up what I have. But when I do this will be the one I go to. It’s the natural properties of the brand that attracts me most as I have sensitive/eczema skin and the reviews speak a lot for this.

So here is my list of wants I have set myself. My aim to achieve these in the next 12 months as one of my resolutions is to use up what I have first before I buy more.

What's on your Wish List?


  1. i have the mac shy girl lipstick & it's a nice shade - smells good too! I really want to try out the loverdose perfume, heard mixed reviews! x

  2. @Kia well I LOVE the Loverdose perfume, very seductive/,muskylike. I got my boyfriend to smell it and he hates it but i thought 'sod it' and bought it yesterdasy in the sale. you should go to Boots or somewhere and sample it. I would be interested in what you think, as half my office think its vile and the other half think its gorgeous, so 2 extreme views.

  3. Both jemma kidd products are on my wishlist too! if my fave beauty gurus like it they must be good! liz earle is always on my shopping list because its amazing :) x

  4. Im getting to a point that if Tanya Burr or Vivoanna recommend it, I want it. dangerous I know but i cant wait to try, hopefully will have it b the weekend so can review the foundation next week.

  5. The Liz Earle cleanser is fab, defo try it! I have a few of those Boots 17 lippies, they are great especially when you fancy a one off bright colour and dont want to spend a fortune x

  6. My birthdasy is april, so by then I will have used up all my other cleansers. i love my others as spent years refining my skincare routine, but have to try this too x

  7. Liz Earle is brilliant stuff :) I have been using the hot cloth cleanser for a few years now and cant stop! Also when you make orders online Liz (well probably not her!) always sends some little free samples which is a lovely touch :)



  8. oooh thats cool. think if i order for my birthday i will use the official site then too get samples. thanks for the heads up on freebies x

  9. Did u get shy girl? I love it use it everyday with Elf studio liner in natural the one with the brush on the end x

    1. No its still on my list...one day though, been a bit spending mad so might save this for my birthday!

  10. Sure u will love it when u get it I wear it pretty much everyday sometimes wear sandy B with YSL golden gloss no10 over top which looks pretty but tastes foul so wouldnt recommend but spent so much on it gta use it up :S wish I could be more sensible but I jst cnt help myself buyin stuff I tell wayne everything was a free gift haha x


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