Saturday, 7 January 2012

Natural Skincare by Thea

As I have sensitive/eczema skin I like to try products (where possible) out before I buy. Thea were kind enough to send me 3 little samples of their day crème, cleanser and body/hand crème as I tweeted about my skin worries. So this review is my true opinion of what I’ve experienced over the last month of trying these.

First of all a little about Thea:

“Thea Skincare is an online retailer of 100% natural, organic skincare products. Our entire range is vegan and vegetarian friendly, chemical-free and never tested on animals”.

Super Nourish Moisture Rich Facial Cleanser

This is creamy cleanser you apply to dry skin and wipe off with cotton pads. I hadn’t washed my face with this method for over a year as I’ve stuck to washes, but I found my skin felt more moisturised. There is not much of a scent to this, but that’s because its 100% natural (81% organic too). Its full of great ingredients including ; Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Olive, Cranberry Seed, Coconut, Rosehip & Primrose Oil just to name a few.

Overall I really like this product; it left my skin clean and soft with no irritation 10/10.

Super Nourish Nutri-Rich Daytime Face Crème

The first thing I noticed about this crème was its smell, slightly on the medicinal side. It’s very light but extremely moisturising as it contains some great natural ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Coconut & Jojoba Oils and Organic Rooibos, just to name a few. This product is priced on the high side though at £22.95 for 50ml, so slightly puts me off!

Beauty Butter, Hand & Body Crème

This crème is packed full of natural butters and is extremely moisturising, I use this as a hand crème and my hands lap it up. It contains Organic Shea, Calendula, Cocoa, Kokum & Mango Butter, which gives this a really nice scent. The price of this is £19.95 for 200ml, which I would think is a lot for body butter, but as I’ve tried this on my hands id be tempted and a super nourishing, hydrating body treat in winter.

My overall thoughts after a months trial is that this is a fantastic brand, my skin feels really soft and smooth and I have had no irritation. I can definitely see an improvement in the quality of my skin and the fact that the brand is 100% really appeals to me, I will be looking to this brand in the future, especially as they have offers on.

Have any of you tried Thea Natural skincare? Let me know.

Here is the link to Natural Skincare by Thea -


  1. These sound great,Good review. I hadn't heard of this company before.
    I am looking into more natural skincare products and the face creme looks like something I might be interested in.

  2. I've not heard of this brand before either. I might take a look at this as my bf has really sensitive skin with rosacea and eczema so might be good for him too x

  3. I have the Super Nourish Hand & Body Beauty Butter, its really lovely and I highly recommend. I have eczema and allergies so if you or your followers want skincare recommendations suitable for sensitive skin then please feel free to browse my blog. I only feature natural brands like Thea.

  4. i switched to organic face washes and showergels about 23 years ago and i will never go back, now im introducing shampoos and face creams and you honestly see the difference. Check out sugarpuffish's blog as hers is full of the stuff. but for more affordable I also recommend NAKED (boots and superdrug) Organic surge (online but cheap) and Dr Organic (Holland and Barrett) oh Burts Bees. all are great. i love this brand too as they have a MASSIVE selection and really great quality. Really good x

  5. Annah

    I have tried a few of Thea's natural and organic products, it's a new brand but the products are really good and not too expensive. I really love the Clarity foaming face wash and Fruit Enzyme range which I have introduced to my beautician who is using it now for her clients.


    1. ooh would love to try the face wash, thats the one product I do not compromise on and would never go non-organic for that as my face is uber sensitive.


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