Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 1 weigh in - Not so good :(

Well week 1 started so well, I went out for a meal and I managed to skip the starters and avoid the puddings all whilst not drinking and sticking to diet coke. 

It all fell apart at work. Its half term so the college is empty so all the admin staff brought in donuts...DAILY. we had flapjacks monday, custard donuts tuesday and wednesday then apple pies thursday (thankfully I was off friday). My problem is im great at eating healthy but I have no willpower, so i dont keep treats in the house. The second I got a whiff of these babies they were down my throat before I could blink.

BUT thankfully, me being good for the rest of the time has helped me maintain. I think it was hormonal eating, a certain time of the month im like jaws, chomping everything in sight!

 Well this week 'Im back on it like a car bonnet'. My Jillian Michaels DVD box set arrived friday and Im cracking it out today so hopefully it can speed things along. As my Slimming World consultant said, I have about 6 weeks until my birthday and 8.5lbs to go, so I want that as a birthday present from me.

will keep you posted xxx

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