Monday, 6 August 2012

Miners Tin o' Tints

Morning all,

Long-time no see!! My fault I've been super busy but I'm going to make more of an effort with my blog as I have a lot more scattered days off this summer using up my leave.

Anyhoo, today I'm blogging about the little beauties known as ‘Tin o Tints’ a lovely combination of lip balm and lip stain, or as Miners say “tint n care”.

The two I have are Watermelon and the New Mango variety. Now I have to say these smell Divine, the Watermelon smells of … as you guessed it, watermelon! A very true to real smell, so fresh. My favourite is the Mango, oh the Mango! This smells so good I could eat it (gross in reality), I eat fresh Mango all the time and I can confirm it smells of that.

Miners Tin O' Tint In Mango and Watermelon

Miners Tin O' Tint In Mango (left) and Watermelon (right)

So smell aside, I am very impressed with these. I've seen this concept before i.e. the Soap and Glory one in Peach where they do not leave much colour, well these truly do. They give a lovely wash of colour and not too sheer at all. They are not as thick as say a Revlon Lip Butter, but pack a similar punch in the colour stakes, just with a smooth balm finish.

Miners Tin O' Tint In Mango (left) and Watermelon (right)

Miners Tin O' Tint In Mango
Miners Tin O' Tint In Watermelon
You can pick these up from the Miners website for £2.99, which I think is a really good price for these.

Have any of you tried these? What’s your thoughts on tinted balms?


  1. They look gorgeous, I want to try the watermelon one!

    1. it is lovely, i was amazed by the pigment of them, watermelon is lovely.

  2. These are gorgeous, also available from Click Health & Beauty

  3. I spotted these on the website and I am dying to try them! I have never tried Miners, though something tells me I will be doing soon haha. They look quite pigmented! Mango looks especially lovely :)


    1. I want to try more now, seen some good things with the matte factor lippies and the blushes. just found out our local house of fraser are stocking it, think becasue ours is an outlet store. awesome!

    2. Yeah the matte factor things look fab! The peach one in particular :) Oooo that is exciting! I wish ours would haha xx


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