Thursday, 9 August 2012

OOTD - Girls Night Out/In with Miss Budget Beauty & Style So Coy

Well I'm losing my Outfit Of The Day cherry so to speak!

I was invited out for a night on the town with MissBudgetBeauty and StyleSoCoy, which I was very excited about as it would be the first time I met Kat from StyleSoCoy. Long story short, we couldn’t get a taxi for a few hours so we decided to pass our time with drinking wine and filming videos (bad idea), which you can see here and here on Khila’s life channel, and just ended up having a girly night in with Sing Star (bows head in shame).

This is what I wore for my ‘would have been’ Girls Night Out, something that was comfortable, yet bright and feminine, well something along those lines. I just wanted to wear my new pink vest I got in the Dorothy Perkins sale for a barganliscious £9.

From the pictures you can see I'm not comfortable with the whole posing thing LOL

What I wore:

Jacket – Primark
Top – Dorothy Perkins
Vest – Primark
Jeans – Primark
Shoes – Primark
Necklace – Ebay
Watch – a watch shop in Turkey

Would anyone be interested in more OOTD?


  1. Absolutely! you look fabJust found your necklace and bought it! BARGAIN!

    1. aww thanks, hope you like the necklace, tokk nealry 2 weeks to come but worth it x

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the outfit :) xxx

    1. thanks, its the first time id been out for yonks x

  3. Love the outfit and the photos are so fun! :) x

  4. Great outfit and fun photos! Love it when photos aren't too contrived and posey! Great blog. Just found and and am already following!

    Helen xxx

    1. aww thanks, I couldnt pose proper;y even if i wanted too, i felt daft lol.


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