Friday, 1 February 2013

How do you Organise your Nail Polish?

Another post on being organised!

Last year my nail polish addiction grew, previous to September 2011 I was an avid nail biter all my life. It was then that I started reading blogs and was envious of all these lovely manicured hands that I thought enough was enough. After a few weeks my nails grew long and I decided to treat myself with some lovely Nails Inc Glitters (see post here).

And so it began… now encompassing BarryM, Boots 17, Boots No7, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure, Essie, OPI, Leighton Deny, Deborah Lipmann…oh the list goes on!

As its grown I kept forgetting what I had and now have some very similar shades. I had stored them in a clear box bus that soon was out grown. I thought the best way to use my polishes and see what was on offer was to display them is their full glory.

These were just wooden square shelves I've had lying around for a couple of years, they weren’t getting hung anytime soon so I created this beautiful backdrop to my makeup room.

I definitely think having them in full view will stop me buying duplicates and get me to wear them all more.

How do you display your polishes? What are you favourite colours?


  1. Replies
    1. i didnt realsie until i displayed them like this lol

  2. I used to keep my nail polishes in a little tool box type of thing... but I outgrew that.

    Now I have a three drawer unit (drawers are about a4 size) that I keep them in. Polishes that I've used are in the middle, polihes I haven't used yet in the top and random crap in the bottom.

    But at the rate I'm going I think I will have to evict the crap. I actually banned myself from buying nail polish for the last 3 months of last year... but now I've started again!

    1. haha cant stop buying for long. i tend to use them all but as i have a lot i might only use one once a year, but i do like to rotate them all so they all get a look in x

  3. Great post on keeping everything organised! I currently keep my nail polishes in a little tin but often find myself drawn to similar colours and before I know it I pick up practically the same polishes. Seriously need to organise them like you.

    Hannah Check out my Neom candle giveaway!

  4. wow you have a lot! They all look super! :) xx

    1. im quite impressed, but i ghavent bought any for a while now as i see one i like and remember now if i have one similar, this display has definatly helped.

  5. I keep mine in the fridge, stops them from going gloopy. Everyone who opens the fridge has a good laugh though xx

  6. Just stumbled across your blog. Lovely little blog. It's better to store your polish at room temperature but in a dark place. Light and heat or cold doesn't bode well. Loving your collection


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