Thursday, 16 May 2013

Coconut Oil - wonder product?

I saw a video a few weeks back from Shaaanxo about using coconut oil for skin, nails, hair, food etc and became obsessed with getting it.

I've used coconut oil on my skin a few times and always love the results, it melts straight away in the hands and I smooth it over my skin, leaving a light film. I either stick it straight on damp skin or mix it with my favourite moisturiser, I then wake up in the morning with the smoothest skin.

After watching this video I became more adventurous, I started using it as a cuticle cream, lip balm, even on my eyelashes to make them grow. it has definitely made my nails stronger for sure and my lips softer, not sure on the eyelashes just yet. 

My new favourite use for it is a hair mask....oh my oh my! Ive used it twice now for this, I apply it to dry hair, covering it from root to tip, then tying up for a few hours before washing out (warning it does take 2/3 washes in one go). then when my hair is dry it is the softest, it literally is in its best condition ever right now, unbelievably soft. 

I did try it as an 'after wash' product, like the Moroccan oil, and it doesn't work as its too heavy, better sticking to before washing. Though i have heard that a very light amount when rubbed into hands and smoothed over can help with frizz, try not to be heavy handed. 

I haven't adventured into cooking with it but that is purely a calorie thing as I am on a diet and use a low calorie spray, but if I wasn't I would definitely try this. 

I was reading this post on 101 uses for coconut oil and found it very interesting, uses I would never have thought of. 

The coconut oil I have my mother found for me on a site called Masters Direct, its £7.90 and is purely organic (good enough to eat) and you can find it here.

Have you tried Coconut Oil for anything?


  1. I am on a diet and swear by coconut oil. If you put it in a pan, let it melt and run it round the pan with some kitchen roll you use the bare minimum and still get a great use :) x

  2. I love coconut oil it's perfect for my sensitive skin


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