Friday, 21 June 2013

Packing for IMATS

So it’s IMATs tomorrow in London and with 24hrs to go my stomach is actually churning with nerves and excitement. I'm so excited to meets everyone I talk to on Twitter, here, and Youtube. But at the same time I'm such a shy person, well at first, I'm usually the loudest person at a party after I've met everyone.

So with the stomach churning I thought I’d share with you what I'm taking to IMATS, we will be lugging our bags their so with trains, tubes and walking I didn’t want to take a lot. Mainly sticking to my one pair of jeans for the 2 days, one pair of shoes, to avoid carry an extras pair, and one blazer. Basically I'm only taking a change of underwear, pj’s and a clean top. I am an extremely light packer when I need to be.

So here is what I'm taking!


  1. I am so gutted I can't go to IMATS!! I'd love to meet you!! Have a wicked time! :-) xx

  2. Im going up to the IMATS tomorrow alone like billy know mates if you see me holla if not happy shopping!


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