Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Teapigs - Great Tea, Great Gift Idea!

Ugh I've had this post in my drafts for months and completely lost it among the rest. Bit of a random none beauty post about some pretty awesome tea I discovered!

I stumbled across this brand in December when I was looking for an Xmas present for my friend. She is quite quirky and has no interest in makeup (I know weird) so I always need to find different things, as there are only so many calendars and books I can get her. I know she likes Tea, she is always brewing a cup of green tea, the ‘real’ kind, with floating tea leafs!

I searched all over for tea, some were boring, some expensive then I saw this brand and just loved it. The design, the variety and the fact that they use the whole tea leaf, I knew she would appreciate that.

I got my friend a set of 3 in a gift set (think it was only available at Xmas) but it contained Chocolate Flake tea,  Jasmine Pearls, and Chai tea. Individually these are about £4/£5 for 15 bags.

Whilst I was getting her a present I decided to get myself the sample ‘mix ‘n’ match’ set where you could pay £12.50 and get 12 sample packs, each containing two bags (bargain in my opinion). When I got them I thought they were the most adorable boxes ever, well put together and just a lovely gift. I cant remmeber what I got, as there are so many varieties. Heres what you can pick (the ones I remember I got are *)

everyday brew (english breakfast)
*chai tea
*chocolate flake tea
darjeeling earl grey
*chilli chai
mao feng green tea
green tea with mint
*popcorn tea
*jasmine pearls
tung ting oolong tea
*silver tips white tea
*spiced winter red tea
*rooibos crème caramel
*chamomile tea
lemon and ginger
*liquorice and mint
peppermint tea
super fruit
pure lemongrass tea
yerba mate

I just love this concept, yeah probably expensive for everyday but great to try the samples and buy as a gift for someone. 

Have you tried these? or any other weird tea's? 

I've not been asked to do this post honest, just LOVED these when I bought them, having the popcorn one now xx

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  1. Great post! I've always hated lemsip, hot cordial drinks etc but I've ordered myself a few herbal teas to try and hopefully my childhood hate of hot fruity drinks has gone now I'm older! :) Would be interesed to see what you thought of each one? xx


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