Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Getting back on track - back to weightloss target!

Ugh! ……..that’s all I've felt lately about myself is ugh.

Long story short…. I got to my weight loss target last year (see posts here) after losing almost 3 stone(42lb). After 2 years of eating good I felt great and looked great (in my opinion). Then the worst thing happened, well technically the best thing but worst for my diet, I got engaged! I know what you are thinking, how is this bad? Well I got HAPPY, unbelievably happy, so rather than watching what I was eating I eas ordering takeaways, drinking, all in all celebrating. So fter a month I gained half a stone, which isn’t bad, but then Christmas came and I gained another half a stone, then an all-inclusive holiday in April amounted to another 7lb, you see where this is going.

Happy Times

Never want to go back to

I have basically maintained my weight all year BUT have maintained the 3 gains I am in the same clothes, just fill them a bit more (a lot). I have forgot how to lose weight and though I am not unhappy, I was a hell of a lot more happy this time last year. UI was looking through my pictures and saw this from 12 months ago and this is where I want to be.

I have also been getting inspiration from instagram, firstly from Lauren (laurenspearman) that has lost sooo much weight from eating healthy and running (a lot of running) and the second is Befitphotos they don’t promote uber skinny girls but instead show fit and healthy girls and boys along with tips and workout ideas. Think of it as inspiration!

I am back on it now, no more chocolate!

Have any of you had a slump recently? 
What keeps you motivated? 


  1. Good for you!! I recently joined the gym and I'm going to my first slimming world meeting tonight. I'm useless doing it in my own so I'm hoping the group will spur me on! Good luck xxx

  2. The thought of Christmas being under 3 months has motivated me!

    I started weight watchers back in April when i decided to take part in Race For Life. I lost nearly 2 stone which i was thrilled with but once i had done the race my motivation completely went away. I challenged myself back in April to be at my goal weight by Christmas and although that doesn't look likely I'm now determined to get as close as possible!

    Well done to you for how far you've come. You look fab!



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