Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Dettol with E45 hand wash

I was recently sent this New Dettol with E45 hand wash for review. I have suffered all my life with eczema but over the last 14 months it has really taken a turn for the worse and with the winter months approaching I can already foresee the sore chapped hand of winters before. I never really realised how many times I washed my hands a day, I assure you I always wash them but it’s some mundane task you never really think about. I know the hand wash at work dries mine out, so where possible at home I try to have more moisturising ones in the bathroom and kitchen. 

When I think Dettol I think ‘Clean’ and when I think E45 I think ‘Moisture’, this is the perfect hybrid of the two, removing dirt, killing 99.9% of bacteria & removing viruses, whilst soothing and moisturising sensitive hands,  to leave them feeling clean and soft.

I must admit I can definitely see a difference from this, don’t get me wrong my hands are still dry, but the least dry they have been for a while. It has helped clear the cracks and larger dry patches and doesn’t leave my hands sore like other hand washes I've tried. So I am hoping with continued use (I’ve used this for 3 weeks now) I will see more of an improvement.

Dettol 250ml with E45 Replenishing Hand Wash retails for around £2.50 and can be found in all supermarkets.


  1. Putting E45 in a hand wash is a really good idea. You should put some in a travel sized bottle to take to work with you so you don't have to use their soap.

    1. good idea. didnt even consider that as i could keep on my desk and just pop in my pocket when needed. x

  2. e45 is really good !! it was a good idea to put it in !! great review xx

  3. We find the khiel's barrier hand moisturiser really good. My mum uses it as a nurse as it almost coats your hands, meaning no moisture can escape and no cold air etc can penetrate through into your skin. I'd absolutely recommend giving that a go. My sister has really bad dermatitis on the hands. The GP gave her double base which did nothing and she found much more relief and improvement with the khiel's.


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