Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fragrance for Men Gift ideas

Men are so difficult to buy for I find. I tend to do the usual of either a T'shirt, dvd, book or aftershave, you can't go wrong with that. To be honest I love more mens fragrances than womens, but then again that's probably why they smell like they do, to attract women!

Here are a few good Xmas picks for the men in your lives:

Who doesn't want their man to smell of the man himself, this James Bond fragrance is surprisingly gorgeous, its the kind of smell I would love my other half to smell of, its described as a scent of leather with a style of sophistication? (womens are so much easier to understand) but anyway here are the ingredients - Violet Leaves, Leather Accord, Geranium, Bergamot, Cardamom, Juniper Berries, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vetiver. Its a very masculine scent that will make the women go mmmmm.

Ok now this has to be my favourite of the bunch, it has a similar smell to the Quantum but so much more. It features top notes are bergamot, apple and geranium. Middle notes are rose, lavender and cardamon. Base notes are vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli and moss. It's incredibly masculine again but the apple and geranium add a subtle sweetness. Martin is having this for Christmas!

These 2 are a lot more subtle and fresh compared to the more masculine ones above. The Blanc has a top note of grapefruit making it a refreshingly zingy fragrance with the added depth of the spicy cardamon and rosemary and sensual Mexican tuberose. Overall being a lovely mix of masculine with floral/fresh citrus. For those women like me that like mens aftershaves this might be a good one to borrow off your man. The Noir is a beautiful unique fragrance, more of an evening one than the Blanc, it contains Basil, Red Berries, Water Melon, Magnolia Leaf, Absynth, Lavender, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin, sounds good enough to eat right?

I hope these give you some good ideas for gifts, mens fragrances are hard to choose for a woman as generally we are not the ones wearing them (actually I feel more sorry for men buying perfume for us). These are quite cheap in comparison to a lot of mens ones on the market and i think would suit all, if they like more masculine I'd go for the 007 and if more subtle go for something like the Lacoste, but your best bet is to wonder around the shops smelling them.   

Have fun shopping x

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  1. I got Pawl some Davidoff Cool Water because I love the smell!

  2. Buying fragrances for your partner or a friend is easy because you can just pick something that you like but you can't buy a sexy fragrance for your dad haha. I'd actually like a guy to buy a perfume for me that he thinks smells sexy, then I'll know what to wear to attract men haha.

    1. thats a good point actually, especially him buying for her.

  3. I've purchased this 007 fragrance as a Christmas stocking filler for my 14 year old son.Launched to celebrate 50 years of Bond and concur with Skyfall,this is the first run through a 007 branded fragrance has ever been discharged so as you could envision they wouldn't have any desire to get this off-base. . .Yes,the fragrance is a bit of a trick with the 007 logo on the front and all that however I'm certain any teenage lad who's seen Skyfall will love this!it could be overwhelming yet a fast spritz is sufficient and I was truly astounded how decent (not very awful) this is.
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  4. Very original idea, I like it, you are really very talented. My girlfriend also wanted us to do something like that, but I still decided to just buy her perfume here Because I'm very bad in such tasks, but in any case, she liked my present. Thank you for an excellent article.


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