Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting Organised Step 1: Get a Diary - Santoro Slim Dairy (The Guide)

So this is my year to get organised with my Blog and Youtube, I love doing both but when life gets in the way (like a wedding) it does sit on the back burner, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I am so unorganised with it. I have made it my mission to step it up this year, I mentioned in my ‘Resolutions’ video (link here, or embedded at the bottom of this post) that I will try and come up with some sort of schedule, not necessarily for uploads and posts going live, but for me filming them and writing them up.

So I thought I’d get a dairy to help. My life is in my works calendar but I want a portable one to keep in my bag. Yes I know phones do it all but it’s not the same as pen to paper in my opinion (I'm a post-its and doodles kind a gal).

I trawled the stationary shops and 2 hours online and I finally found the perfect one for me. Not too big or too small, has a yearly view as well as monthly and weekly (one day per page is too thick). It also has spaces for notes, so my aim is to write down products I'm loving for my monthly favourites, products I'm buying for haul posts and also a running wish list.

So anyway here is the dairy, I got this off ebay and after 2 hours this was the prettiest yet most functional diary I could find.

I also forgot to mention this comes with stickers!!!!!!

How do you stayed organised? Do you have a schedule for blogging/youtube? 


  1. That really is a gorgeous diary!
    I like to buy them but hardly ever use them :)


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