Thursday, 23 January 2014

New York Haul - Wish List

So MissBudgetBeauty is going to New York tomorrow (jealous does not even cover it) and she has asked me what I would like for her to bring me back, knowing I have a love of US brands as much as her. So to provide her with a visual shipping list and share my wants with you loti thought I would post it here for all to see.

Now the 3 Tarte products are a definite want, and I want Khila to use her own judgement on my behalf to see if any or neither of the Kat Von D palettes are any good. I’ve also said to her that if she sees some bits that she knows I would want to just get me them (don’t spend too much of my money Khila!!!!)


(Khila to pick a shade for me, maybe blissful?, I will et her decide)

(Really like Playful)

Can you think of anything that is a must have from the US? Obviously Wet n Wild are a must for me. 

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