Monday, 24 February 2014

One Week Water Challenge - Bobble Water Bottle

I have challenged myself this week! I am going to only drink water for the next 5 days (mon-fri). Now to most that does not sound like a challenge at all, but for me, someone who has NEVER gone a full morning with just drinking water, this will be hard. I have never drank water, diluted squash was my tipple as a tot, which graduated into lemonade, then onto Cola and over the last decade diet cola/lemonade. To be honest I don’t like water, it’s always my lowest choice of drink, I have been dehydrated all my life and doctors always told me at check-ups that I was and I always get headaches. So I know I must drink it for all of its glorious benefits.

Benefits include:

Increased Energy 
Promotes Weight Loss
Flushes Out Toxins
Improves Skin Complexion
Aids in digestion
Boosts Immune System
Natural Headache Remedy
Prevents Cramps & Sprains
Save Money!

For my personal goals I want all the superficial benefits haha, better skin and loss of weight, the other stuff is a bonus. The last benefit is what also brings me to this post ‘save money’. When I was buying some bottled water I couldn't believe how expensive it was, WATER IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PETROL!!!!

I decided I couldn't keep buying bottled water long term and tap water just seemed so ‘meh’ to me (as a newbie to water). I know you will be thinking just drink tap water but I need to wean myself to like it first, get me? I had heard ages ago that you shouldn't refill bottles of water, some even say on them to no refill, this is because the plastic bottles can leak in chemicals to the water.

So long story short I stumbled across the ‘Bobble Water Bottle’ and as the person I am I ran home to read reviews and see what it was about before I bought it the next day (hey I like research). 

refillable water bottle, reusable water bottle, filtered water bottle

refillable water bottle, reusable water bottle, filtered water bottle

refillable water bottle, reusable water bottle, filtered water bottle

What the company says about Bobble:

meet bobble, a stylish and very smart way to make every drop of water you drink better. bobble is a fun, reusable bottle that filters water as you drink. when water passes through the ingenious carbon filter, chlorine and organic contaminants are removed from ordinary tap water. makes water taste better. crisp and clean. bobble is a beautiful alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles, which harm the earth (and your wallet).

each replaceable bobble filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles. after 1 year, you alone have removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap. bobble is BPA free, and free of Pthalates and PVC. drink up”

Though you can just put tap water in a glass to also alleviate the same issues, I like the way this is portable and to be honest, quite cute. It may be a gimmick but seeing how much I am drinking and having a self-filtering bottle is pretty cool to me.

So here’s to drinking water! 

Laura x


  1. You go girl!
    I hate drinking water but when I have done it consistently i do notice a difference.
    I think I may invest in one of those bottles myself.

    1. Glad its not just me, people think im odd when i say i dont like water. hoping to see a difference x

  2. good luck, i drink so much water since buying a reusable water bottle, even though it doesnt have a filter!!

    em @

  3. I hate tap water, it tastes weird and I just don't think taps are clean. But I suppose a built in filter might make a difference. My only issue with filters is having to buy replacements, you can't always find them in shops.


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