Friday, 21 March 2014

Water Challenge update!

Well I've left it a couple of weeks to report (lol I sound so professional). If you didn't know I decided 2 weeks ago to only drink water, read post here. Like I mentioned I've never drunk water before in my life, well I've had the odd sip but I've always drunk pop or squash.

I did go the full week on only water but I did have one glass of wine on one night (couldn't hurt too much).

Anyway the results:

I didn't lose weight
I didn't notice a change in my skin
I didn't particularly feel any better


I wasn't bloated and my stomach went a lot flatter
It did reduce my hunger pangs
I saved so much money
I now enjoy water

Not the dramatic results I was expecting but I am pleased anyhow. I probably didn't lose weight as I generally drink diet pop anyway, so it wasn't as if I was cutting the calories. I also expected a boost in energy but maybe I was expecting too much? I am happy with the less bloating, that actually has made a  lot of difference, clothes fit better and I'm generally less gassy (tmi?). I set this as a one week challenge but I am into my third week now and I am still drinking water, that is a major achievement for me. I do still drink pop on  a night but I have introduced a lot more squash so its not purely fizz. But the main thing is I'm still only drinking water at work, and loving it!!! That is a shocker if you know me, it is saving me so much money and I find I am actually drinking  a lot more, which long term is surely a good thing.

I have grown to like the taste of water too, something I never thought I would say. Having the Bobble Water bottle has helped so much as I take it all over work with me, I’m tempted by another, one to have on the weekends and at home too.

Might have to set myself another challenge next? 

1 comment:

  1. Well done! I really need to do this, I am addicted to diet fiizzy drinks, specially Pepsi Max haha
    Thanks for keeping us updated on this x

    Margrét :)


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