Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Skin Shop - Dry Skin Eye Gel - My staple eye cream

I had a bit of a panic last year in the run up to my wedding, I had wrinkles!!! 

Well actually I didn't, turns out that my skin was just severely dehydrated and causing fine lines, as one month I had lines and the next I didn't. I was asked to try this Dry Eye Gel from the Skin Shop and it’s safe to say this saved my bacon as there wasn't a line in sight for my wedding photos. Now first of all I’m not saying this erases wrinkles, no no no, it removed my fine lines that were down to dehydration.

This is a very light gentle moisturising gel designed specifically for around the delicate eye area. The main feature is the ingredient ‘Cardiospermum ‘ which is a plant that can help skin in many ways from eczema (yay me) to bacterial infections as it helps soothe inflammatory conditions and prevents eyes from becoming  itchy, red, swollen and dry. This has been in my daily skin routine now for 6 months (wow I've only just realised that), so I can confirm this is a strong staple appearing in may monthly favourites videos too, more than once. 

This gel absorbs immediately and my eye area feels soothed, moisturised and plump, what more could I want. You can get this from The Skin Shop for £6.95 here.

What are your under eye staples?
Have you tried this? 

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  1. Fine lines can be caused by dehydration? This explains so much. I'm 21 and I thought I was just really unlucky. Might have to get some of this stuff.


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