Monday, 30 June 2014

A Blogger influenced Wishlist - Etude House 'Feel The World' Cosmetic Bags | Beauty

I am 100% blaming MakeupSavvy for this wishlist, she posted about them here and now I want NEED them all. These are probably the most beautiful makeup bags I have ever laid my eyes upon and I expected them to be about £20+ and couldn't believe it when they were almost half that price. They look like collectors editions as they have such beautiful imagery, almost like book covers (don’t get me started on pretty limited edition book covers). 

If I had to pick two (as one is impossible) it would be the Venezia, as the colours are just beautiful and the London as its just incorporated all the best things about the capital with the cute guards, Big Ben and of course the umbrellas that we always need, just so cute! I’m thinking two is justifiable as one could be for city breaks and the other for more tropical climates (that’s justified in my head). 

These are the 9 styles you can pick up on eBay here for $20/£11.75.

What is your favourite?

Etude House Paris Cosmetics Bag

Etude House London Cosmetic Bag

Etude House Venezia Cosmetic Bag

Etude House Santorini Cosmetic Bag

Etude House New York Cosmetic Bag

Etude House China Cosmetic Bag

Etude House Japan Cosmetic Bag

Etude House Hong Kong Cosmetic Bag

OK after this purchase I then need to budget, but after all I need to have something pretty to keep all my makeup purchases in, right?

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  1. I've been looking for a new make up bag for the gym and these are so cute!!! Would definitely get the Hong Kong one as we go there to see my partners family :)

  2. Aww these are so cute! I love the Hong Kong design with the fireworks going off in the sky and you're right, the London is adorable too! Would love to see the quality so if you do get them flash them in a video quick please so I can perv them up!

    Jaq @


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