Monday, 30 June 2014

Peppered Steak with Cabbage, Asparagus and Bacon | Lifestyle & Food

I absolutely love veg cooked in butter so thank the Frylight lords for making Frylight Buttery! I use it for frying eggs, bacon and all my veg, it honestly tastes like food cooked lightly in butter but with no syns and only 1 calorie a spray.  I loved this meal and savoured every mouthful, the bacon cooked with the veg and buttery made it so indulgent. 

With Slimming World it is not about measuring and weighing, so where food is free (you can eat as much of this as you want) I haven’t put a weight, use how much you feel you need.

Peppered Steak with Cabbage, Asparagus and Bacon
(all 0 syns so make as much as you want)

Peppered steak (free)
Fylight buttery (free)
Bacon with all visible fat removed (free)
Asparagus (superfree)
Mixed cabbage medley (superfree)
Onion (superfree)

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