Monday, 4 August 2014

Husband Grooming - SuperFish Stiffish Moulding Cream | Beauty

Finally after over a decade I have managed to get my ‘other half’ to start styling his hair, well to be fair its minimal compared to most, but for him its an effort at least.  He is going through this beard phase with his hair swept in a side parting, I actually really like it on him, but my compromise on the beard was the side parting, it makes it look more like a style than hobo chic. 

Anyway back onto the hair. He gave me the task of procuring  a hair gel and I have never been so confused and overwhelmed, I thought women had loads of choice! There were gels, waxes, sprays, pastes, putty, creams, gel-wax, gel-cream hybrids, I turned around and went straight to twitter for help! I was even asking all the mums of teenage boys and wives in my office as I had no clue. He basically wanted hold, but nothing sticky, or shiny, or crusty.

From my SOS tweets I was answered, a fellow blogger said that FISH was good and I was lucky enough for the tweet to be seen and I was sent one for him to try, and success, he now looks semi-half not bad haha, all jokes aside he is happy with the product.

He won’t let me take pictures for the blog but I can confirm it holds his hair all day and doesn’t look crusty. He does however notice if he wets his hair then sticks it in it starts to go that way, but if he applies to dryish hair it looks great. It’s a lot more subtle than wax but has the mouldablilty of it, he is quite boring with his hair but if I can coax him into styles this cream/gel hybrid would be great for hold. 

You can pick this up from Boots for £4.99.

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