Monday, 19 January 2015

Face Of The Week #1 | Beauty

I totally give MissBudgetBeauty credit for this, I know 'Face of the Day' is nothing new but the concept of using the same products all week to use up my hoard and blog about it has come to my attention from her. It fits great with my new years resolutions of a) not spending and b) using up my stash of products. Plus it is also re-introducing me to some forgotten favourites.

So these are the products I used last week, The aim is for these posts to come up on a Sunday so i've already failed there :)

You can tell I like the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation* as I'm half way through after a couple of months (on and off). It was great in the early stages of winter as it has a lovely luminized effect, not nnecessarilya dewy finish but a 'lit from within' effect, drying to a more matte (not too matte) finish. I have noticed with it this week I needed more moisturiser as this can highlight my dry skin, but I am very dry, when my skin is all moisturised and plumper it looks amazing, very easy to wear. 

For concealer I needed 2 as the B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer (as titled) is for under eyes and as I had some red patches from my dry skin I has to also use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. The latter is well known product and has never failed to impress for its lasting power and great coverage. The B. concealer was lovely and light under my eye, not the longest lasting but comfortable, I don't think I will repurchase this as I've tried better for cheaper at this light texture. 

For brows I dug out one of my all time faves the A La Carte Cosmetics Brow Ink. I don't talk about this much as it's usually reserved for best, I have had this for about 3 years (anyone remember the Carmine Beauty Boxes?) and as its so expensive at £23 I don't want to repurchase this. But it needs using up and so it;s back into rotation, I can't believe the ink is as fresh as the day I got it, a very easy product to use and great quality. For shaping my eyebrows its always a cheap £1 clear Mascara from MUA, which I cannot find online but any cheap one will do. As I only have 1 I wont mention this in future posts as its always a given i use it due to my long brow hairs flopping down. 

I have fallen head over heals in love with the Wet N Wild Walking on Eggshells Trio, from past experience I knew I liked the quality but I have been reminded of how great it is. This is so pigmented, easy to blend and so easy to wear with its descriptions etched in 'browbone, crease, eyelid'. I could not wish for more and its we wearable colours make this perfect for travel, I'm just so glad I bought another trio, which I cannot wait to try out. 

The mascara of choice this week has been the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture, which is actually my first ever L'oreal mascara and i am impressed. It gives great volume and length and does exactly what I want. My only qualm is I can get the exact same result from a Maybelline mascara for less money. I've wanted to keep the eyes simple this week so have been doing a very fine liner just to make my lashes look thicker and I've been really enjoying the Physicians Formula Black eyeliner as it's easy to apply and lasts well.

And lastly cheeks! I dug out my Fashionista customisable palette using the colour 'glowing' unfortunately these have been discontinued and bought up by MUA, which is a shame as these palettes for so affordable and great quality. This shade reminds me of Benefits Dallas blusher, very warming to the face but extremely netrual and natural for thi time of year. This will be a long time staple. 

So I hope you will enjoy these weekly posts, I will do these either way as it's getting my products used up and hopefully will help downsize my collection with using it all up.

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  1. I think I have that Fashionista blush and I don't use it. I'll have to give it a go now.


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