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New Year Resolutions - I will stick to! | Lifestyle

It’s taken me a while to write this post as I've put a lot more thought into it this year as I want to succeed, I'm turning 30, have a lot of things coming up this year and just want to achieve a goal. Yes there are some generic resolutions in here but they always appear on peoples lists as they are great goals to strive for. I'm on mission this year, to grow up, do new things and be a master at the old. So here we go: 

Drink more water/eat more healthily
Notice I don’t have lose weight in there? Every year for the last decade I've wanted to lose weight, and though I still do, it’s not a high priority this year. I’m hoping by drinking more water and eating healthy it will come in time. I did do a 2 week water challenge last year (post here) and it proved to me I CAN drink water. I'm such a diet pop fiend and a) it’s not healthy and b) it’s not cheap, so I want to drink more water or dilute squash with so far has been a success at work and home. I won’t be cutting this out completely as nights out etc I drink diet coke but on the whole it’s to increase my water intake. I also do Slimming World, which I have been doing 3 years this March, I love the diet and my extended family at group and it encourages me to each so healthily with tonnes of fruit and veg. So though I do follow that I have been falling off the wagon in the last few months and the odd takeaway has slipped in (more than the odd one). So I just want to try and stick to it and to help me focus I want to be more organised (point coming up) and to allow myself scheduled in treats, that way I can be good all week knowing I can have a treat on  a Saturday that’s PLANNED and not me ordering a takeaway when I’m tired. 

Spend Less/Use More
I have always been a good saver, I used to save all my pennies in a big jar as a child and would love our trips to the bank to deposit all my change in the large coin counter machine, I saved everything. Though the last 2 years have been way too extravagant for me and I blame blogging, well its technically my fault, but still! We are all hugely influenced by beauty hauls in YouTube and in blogs, what’s trending and what we need to have to produce great blog content. I would never have in a million years gone to IMATS and blown a couple of hundred £’s and then a few months later blown even more on more makeup and designer bags! Don’t get me wrong I have never regretted my purchases and enjoy using them but I cannot keep up forever. This year for me is about saving, there is more to life that makeup (don’t slap me). I want to spend more on the house, build up some more savings (just bought a snazzy new TV and washing machine, JUSTIFIED) and stop being frivolous.  
            Which leads on to using up more of what I have, I will buy a lipstick, use it for a week and then archive it, I want to try ‘shopping my stash’ and I don’t want to buy anything new this year unless it’s to replace something I've used up (there is one foundation purchase I want MissBudgetBeauty to get me in Vegas, but that’s because I’m running out and we cannot get here JUSTIFIED). I don’t need any more makeup, I have everything in terms of type and can do my makeup for the next ten years with the crap I have. I’m even considering downsizing and just having a core collection, who needs 40+ blushes? I only need about 5 really. Using less definitely, downsizing maybe. 

Be more Organised
This sounds a bit vague but I want to be organised with everything, my life, my home, my social life and my blog. I am one of those people then when things build up around me I get flustered. If the house is a mess I want to hide in a corner and when Its spotless I am the happiest person. Clutter in my head and around me flusters me so much. That’s why my blogging has slowed, I got flustered about Christmas and there was wrapping paper everywhere, washing piling up due to leaky washing machine and so on and so on. 
             Organisation =  a happy Laura. I've started by buying a new planner, something I always start out with and by May it dwindles (not this year), last year I started writing one house work task a night to do and I was sticking to it, just 20 mins a night when I got home was nothing in comparison to leaving it and having to spend all of Sunday catching up, which left me tired for the next week and so the cycle continues. I want to set myself small tasks each day that incorporates the housework, blog posts and fun. Something so simple that will make the biggest difference to my life.  

Now to more fun things!

Read More
I was never a huge reader as a kid, why read when you could watch TV? (I know, I know) It wasn’t until 6th form when my life was changed forever and I read Harry Potter, I was literally setting my alarm for 7am and I would read straight til Midnight and start over again the next day, my parents had to awaken me from my trance to eat lol. Since then I go through phases, usually after a holiday where I pick up the reading bug. I don’t want to set myself a big target but I do want a target to aim for and I thought 12 books in 12 months was reasonable then I realised this was me I was talking about so to be realistic I’m going to say MINIMUM 6 books this year with the hope of more. 

Carry on being more social and going out more
Sounds easy and it is really but last year for me I threw myself a lot more into doing things with a wider group of people and I've loved it. I've always been happy in my own company and still prefer to stay in on  Saturday night than going out but I made the effort, especially for my husband who is such a social person. I've made more of an effort with people I see at the local pub and as a result have made some of my closest friends this year, been on plenty of days out to the seaside, mini breaks, the theatre, spas and even Vegas with new friends this year. Its widened my friendship groups and given me plenty of memories and I want to continue being more socialable (I’m usually known as grumpy). Though something’s don’t help with my other point on saving money, but I do not count any of this as frivolous spending, let’s call it a happiness investment. Though the alcohol also doesn't help with point 1 lol.

Start new hobbies and be more CRAFTY
Yes I am really getting into crafts, I started looking into crafts last year after seeing someone post a video about their Filofax and then that opened up a whole new world, the Filofax/craft/organisation market online is massive and so fascinating. I started small last year with decorating my yearly planner, which helped with my organisation, and this year I have done the same. Then I saw all this stuff on scrapbooks and project life and wasted a whole weekend watching how people scrapbook their lives, that plus my love stationary has got me hooked. So yesterday I went out, got a scrapbook and pens and ordered some stickers and cards off of eBay. It’s sad but I am so looking forward to this, I used to always print my photos and have so many albums, but I've let that slip over the years and I want to continue, I want to document my trips out, nights out, turning 30 and so on. Plus it gives me a new hobby to be creative with and have something to show for it in the end. 

Deep breath, that was a LOT to write down! I know these are late but as I said there has been a lot of thought going into these as I don't want to write a bunch and ignore them. 

What are your new year resolutions?

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  1. Aww i loved reading this post :) one of my goals has been to scrapbook and last year i decorated and colour co-ordinated my classes and times in my diary! i did my first page of my scrapbook today and loved every min of it! good way of de stressing which is another one of my goals. another one of my goals which i have seen on a few other peoples blogs too, it to say yes more and worry about the consequences after. As a person generally, i don't worry a total lot compared to my mum and sister, but i find myself worrying but keeping it to myself rather than may be talking about what I'm worried about. so i feel if i say yes to more things and be honest when I'm worried then i might become less stressed about situations. Hope you have a happy new year and looking forwards to more lifestyle post. (may be you could do one on your scrapbook) Ps...i found some gold and silver and bronze sharpies on eBay and amazone for around £4 :)

    1. ooh gold pens, i need to find them lol. yes im a stress head too and last year I said yes more and loved it, went to Vegas and went out a lot more and over all benefited from it. thanks xx

  2. If you are going to scrap book get acid and ligment free stuff it will protect your photos stop them from discolouring. Double sided tape is the best to stick everything down with!


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