Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Getting ready for baby | Big purchases so far

So I have been very busy the last few months getting all the bits sorted for my little boys arrival (gosh it sounds so weird to say my little boy, getting all emotional). I am calm when I'm organised, I hate leaving big things til the last minute, so to keep this pregnancy zen I started early, around my 20 week scan to start buying the big essentials. I am also a researcher, I cannot go into a shop and buy something, if ever I go shopping with my friends I always leave empty handed as I always ‘window shop’ the first time then go home to read reviews, find the cheapest price and so on. I just don’t like throwing money away unless I know it’s what I want. So here are the things I've bought so far that I’d consider essentials and must haves according to the many many lists I have read through online and in books.

At the time of picking nursery bedding and furniture I didn’t know the gender, but I knew I wanted neutral but colourful anyway. Originally the smallest room (seriously tiny) was intended for the baby so I was going to go all creams so not to make it more cramped, but we soon realised we had to make a sacrifice and I had to rehome my two tortoises (my babies) as they took up loads of room in our other double room, which was also my husband’s games room. By moving into the bigger room I could get the theme and furniture I wanted. We were very kindly given a cot from a good friend and was really happy for the money they saved us. I did want to go for an oak nursery set but the cotbed we were given was white, I soon got over this and moved on with the white theme and bought off eBay (seriously check out eBay for nursery furniture #bargain) a Mothercare Lulworth Changing Unit. Because we already have a giant wooden unit in the room (here) I decided on this drawer set as the white matches the cotbed and the wooden top ties in the existing unit. 
Everywhere I read says the baby should ideally be sleeping in your room for the first 6 months, I looked at those half cots that attach to the bed but decided a moses basket would be best as I could take it downstairs or to my parents/friends’ houses. A lot more convenient and just so cute. I found this Kinder Valley Zoo Time Moses Basket from Tesco and loved the Giraffe design as I am wanted an animal/safari/jungle/zoo theme, either way this child will be surrounded by animals. The rocking stand I got to go with this was an £8 bargain from a charity shop but this is a similar one: Rocking Moses Basket Stand.
As for bedding this was the first set I saw that made me move off the plain cream theme and onto colour. I fell in love with this but it was too expensive in my onion, so I hunted all over, ordering from everywhere but nothing compared to this, it looks almost homemade and the bright yet dimmed colours are gorgeous, there are so many colours involved I can add anything to the room and it will go with it. My mum saw that Very has 30% off this range AND on top of that my mum had some vouchers and if she signed me up I would also get some vouchers, so for practically half price I was sold and I got the set I've wanted for months. Mamas & Papas Jamboree Coverlet and Pillowcase SetMamas & Papas Jamboree BumperMamas & Papas Jamboree Musical Mobile

Ahh the pram, my favourite piece. This was the hardest item to buy as there are soooo many options out there I didn’t know where to start. I seriously found ’the one’ each time I went looking so decided to put a holt on the whole thing as I didn’t want to buy and find something better weeks later. I looked online and read reviews and basically all are great in their own way, there was no horrendous reviews on any brand I looked at, just slight niggles if anything. I knew I wanted a travel system (car seat, carrycot and pushchair) just for sheer ease as they are interchangeable and the one unit would last until they are like 3. I saw this Silver Cross Wayfarer- Safari design on the Mothercare website and fell in love, and like the bedding above I discarded it as it was too pricey with the extra for the car seat on top. So I shopped around for a few more weeks and came close, twice, to buying these other 2 sets. It wasn’t until my mum, once again, rang me telling me Mothercare was having a sale on travel systems with a free Silver Cross Simplicity Infant Car Seat and it was ending TOMORROW! I saw my dream design was on offer and so much cheaper, £50 cheaper than the one I was going to buy. SOLD, it was mine and it arrived 5 days later, oh and I had to get the matching bag, that’s a must! FYI I read hundreds of reviews on this and tried it out in store as well as watching videos online, this is a great model and very safe, I didn’t just buy for the pretty elephant pattern lol. 

The last few, I count as big things, essentials I needed to get was a baby bath and something to put abby in when he wasn’t sleeping. So I picked up this cute little Mothercare Snoozie Safari Bath Set, it was a good price and came with all the little bits I needed, id never even heard of a top & tail tub! My mum had also picked me up an Ergonomic Bath Support which is great as it will hold the bay, freeing up my hands to clean him, obviously I know this isn't to hold him so I can swan off somewhere, but just to make it easier with 2 free hands and not one (how else could I do duck impressions AND wash him?).
And last but not least a baby bouncer, I was debating what to get for the longest time and though it was a kind gesture, I was annoyed at my mums kindness of buying me a Bright Starts Jolly Safari Vibrating Bouncer. That’s sounds bad I know but when someone buys you something they have completely taken away your choice. I wanted a rocker not a vibrating chair, I thought that that would be a lot more soothing, fun and just generally what id want to sit in, not a cheap vibrating bouncer. Since then I have watch A LOT of baby essential videos and read lots of opinions on forums and have come to the conclusion that all are great and it all depends on your baby, some love rockers and some loathe them, but a lot of people swore by these cheap vibrating bouncers, so watch this space. I figured I needed something like this so when baby is not feeding or being held I have somewhere for him to go whilst I am doing the washing up or having a shower. 

I hope you found this post useful, and not too wafflely, I like to make sure I am buying the right things, I cant shop and throw money away willy nilly.

If you have any posts on things like this send me the linkas I am obsessed with this stuff at the moment. 

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