Friday, 10 July 2015

Body Jewellery Shop | Dice Earrings

Earrings are one of those things I always forget to wear, I take them out and always forget to pop them back in, I've realised studs are the way forward as I can just leave them in, Therefore feeling somewhat accessorised most of the time!
I was very kindly offered to try a couple pairs of earrings from the Body Jewellery Shop website, they have a vast array of products for all the different types of ear pearcing (yes there are several parts of the ears to pearce nowadays..... I sound so uncool). I really liked the dice earrings, I'm sure I had some like this years ago, I love how they are quite quirky, cute and retro yet at the same time quite neutral, if that makes sense? I actually mixed them up and wore one black and one white. They are so dainty, which is what I prefer as an every day earring. I actually have my ears pearced twice on each side so might have to double these up or add another retro stud from the Body Jewellery Shop

 The Body Jewellery Shop offers free delivery on all orders over £10 and this has to be one of the cheapest jewllery sites I've seen and the biggest variety for sure, you will be browsing for hours,

The White Dice earrings are £1.99 here and the Black Dice earrings are £1.99 here

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