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Henry | 3 Week Update

Well where do I begin? I cannot believe my Baby is 3 weeks old already, in one respect it has shot by and in a another it seems so far, as he has grown and changed so much. I will try and give a break down of each week, from what I can remember, as each week has vastly changed to the next. The details of the birth and hospital stay I will do in another post.

Week 1 - The week I started and gave up breast feeding. 

Right from the get go he has been an easy baby, he self soothes himself back to sleep and only really cries when he is hungry. Within minutes of his birth I was breast feeding him and throughout my 2 days in hospital all was good, I had plenty of help to get a good latch and we were both enjoying it. Night one he slept brilliantly too, other babies were screaming and he just slept and i woke him every 3 to 4 hours for a feed. Night 2, utter nightmare. I couldn't console him and what I realised at about 1am, after 4 hours of on off crying was that he had trapped wind, I could hear him straining to fart, so from early hour Googleing I managed to sort him out with some bicycle leg actions, then all was good. On day 3 breast feeding turned to its worst, my breasts became so engorged, they put Jordan to shame, which in turn made it difficult for him to latch,so he wasn't taking enough and they remained engorged in a viscous cycle. Not to mention my nipples then became painful and I mean toe curling painful, I heard it can be bad but I didn't expect this, it felt like he had sharp fangs and was chewing at them. In the early hours I would be crying and occasionally a little scream would come out if he latched wrong, this was not only upsetting me but my poor husband felt useless. It was getting so bad that I was dreading each feed and pretending I couldn't hear him cry, I felt awful but I just hated every second of breast feeding and it was supposed to help build a bond. In the early hours of day 5 I asked my husband what he thought about formula feeding and he said whatever makes me happy, he didn't mind. Again huge guilt flooded upon me as i felt i'd failed, and I was dreading what the midwife and Health worker would think of me. I had bought a back up of formula for such an occasion and thankfully on first go he woofed it all down and hasn't complained since. Plus once I saw the midwife and then the Health visitor and both congratulated me on making it 5 days and that as long as baby is fed all is good, I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders and i've loved feeding ever since. For me this was the best desicion, I always wanted to try breast feeding but to be honest even if the pain went after time, I am such a prude and though I applaud women for feeding in public, I would be the one feeding in the toilets or just not leaving the house altogether, I wouldn't even feed in front of my own family. So in order to get out and about and for us both to thrive, formula is the way for me. 

1 day old
Wow that was a long waffle but I didnt want to do a whole breast feeding post for my whole triumphant 5 days!

Anyway also in the first week baby was weighed by the midwife so on day 3 he had lost 7% of his baby weight going from 7lb 7oz to 6lb 13oz, which is normal, they allow up to 10%. Then 2 days later he was weighed again at 7lb 5oz, so because he was still 2oz under I was still under midwife care until he reaches the same or above his original weight. 

The rest of the week was all good, myself and Martin were alternating night feeds, so one of us changed the nappy whilst the other fed then we swapped over the next time. We even took him to town for some fresh air and some lunch, he slept the entire time and woke briefly for a feed at the cafe. We even took him to our local pub at 8 days old, sat outside enjoying the sunshine where again he slpet the entire time and briefly waking for a feed (luckily we are around the corner so Martin ran home to heat a bottle). 

First trip out

Briefly interrupting our lunch for his own.
Week 2 - One content baby

This week nothing really changed, Martin was still off work so we alternated feedings/changings, took him to town and the local cricket club and just generally enjoyed our contented baby, a baby that only eats and sleeps. He got weighed by the midwife again this week and at 11 days old weighed 7lb 13oz and we were officially discharged from the midwife. By this point he was still feeding ever 2-3 hours day and night so becoming quite consistent. We also started trying out distinguishing between night and day, so putting him to bed after a bath and bottle into a dark room and during the nights feeding him in the dim light and not really talking to him. Have to say straight away this proofed successful and he started to sleep longer intervals at night. 

Week 3 - Daddy back to work and the real challenge begins 

Oh my how things have changed this week, for starters as Martin is back to work I have taken on all the night feeds and changes, i thought this fair as i can nap in the day, he can't really do that at work, and all I can say is zzzzzzzzzzzz i am exhausted! In one respect they are getting better as the night time routine is working and we are putting him to bed between 7-8pm and he will sleep for about 4 hours straight then after a feed its about 3-4 hour gaps until he is wide awake at 8am. So good in one way but he is staying awake in the day now so when he is up at 8 so am I and no napping for me. Hence why I am exhausted as I'm not able to catch up at all, I find myself waking before him anticipating a feed then 20 min feed + burping and I then stay awake for about 20 mins after that listening to all his noises (he is a very noisy settler). Today though I feel great, as yesterday I reluctantly introduced a dummy/soother and oh my I love it more than him, this allowed me longer between feeds and a lay in. i sometime think i got confused over hunger, and so did he, he'd do all the sucking actions and Id be there with a bottle, but give him a dummy and he falls back to sleep for an hour.... bliss!

I am hoping I don't regret the dummy down the line but myself and my sister had one until we were about 15 months, we had a big hoo har about throwing it away and growing up, which as children worked and after we threw them away we no longer had them, so this is my plan. they are there for a reason after all, to soothe!

I think that is all really, he basically just ate and slept for the first 2 weeks and this week has been eating more and staying awake for longer so i am getting used to entertaining him.

Oh and I have to mention he has loved baths from the get go, couldn't resist this pic.

He is crying now for food so i better go!

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  1. So glad that he is thriving :) you'll get used to the sleepiness, boob feeding I obviously do all the night stuff and I don't get Brad to do night changes as I just think - what's the point in both of us waking up a couple of times in the night and being tired the next day? I'm up feeding anyway so I might as well let Brad sleep and change Quinn's nappy too. Last night for the first time I started leaving the bedroom to feed her, previously I'd just been doing it in bed, but by the time I'd turned the lamp on and sat there getting her latched on and then winded her... Brad hadn't been able to sleep anyway which was rather counter productive! Turns out I actually felt better feeding in the living room (watching a documentary on pandas) - it feels less lonely actually being on your own, than being next to someone who's trying to sleep! Sounds like he's piling on the pounds! Good work Mama x

  2. I'm so behind on blog reading but a belated congrats on your new arrival. I can't offer any parenting tips but I'm sure everyone else will be full of info for you :)

  3. My little boy is 5 weeks old now and had pretty much the same experience with breastfeeding. I did manage to last 2 weeks but that was with introducing an odd bottle of formula here and there from day 2 when it was just far too exhausting/frustrating/painful. In the end it was really affecting my emotional wellbeing so I decided to make the switch to formula and worried about what midwife/hv would say but like you a weight was lifted when I actually found they were supportive.

    I also introduced a dummy reluctantly when he was using me for comfort and again felt guilty. Think we best get used to feeling mummy guilt wondering whether every decision we make is the right one!

    I found the first 2 or 3 weeks really tough emotionally despite him being a really content baby like Henry. Thankfully it's getting a lot easier now and I'm enjoying him more, especially now he's getting a bit mroe responsive and we've managed to get a couple of smiles out of him!

    Glad you are both doing so well! :) xxx


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