Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Henry | ONE Month

Ok he is technically 5 weeks and I am running behind but I wanted to keep a log to look back upon. My husband actually saw this idea on Facebook so I thought I would basically copy it.

So Henry's first month has seen so much from being born to smiling, grabbing things, looking around at faces and basically growing. We measured him the other day and for his age he is in the 98th percentile for height, which basically means he is longer than 98% off all babies his age, he is going to be tall but we knew that with his dad, uncles, grandads, great-grandad etc all being over 6ft tall. The second he was born the midwife said he was long. 

He is also becoming a little chunk going from 3oz bottles in the first 2-3 weeks to now 6oz bottles at 5 weeks, he just wants to eat. But on a good note he could distinguish between day and night in his first week as we did the whole putting him to bed in the dark and not talking to him at night and making more of  fuss in the day, which resulted in him sleeping 7.5 hours straight from 3 weeks and we are now only getting up once, maybe twice a night (depending when we get his last feed in).

It is nice now he is more interactive, the forst 2 weeks he only ate and slept whereas now he is awake more he likes to go on his play mat, bouncer and nbe carried around so he can see things, he is so nosey. The best thing we bought this month in fact was the Baby Bjorn Carrier, he sleeps the second he is in it and wakes the second we get home. makes nipping to the shop so much easier too. 

He also loves his bath time and we are now on the waiting list for a baby swimming class as you can never start too young.  

Thats all I can think of at the moment, not sure if I will use titles/questions like i did in my pregnancy updates or whether to just waffle like above, opinions on that please.

so til next time x

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  1. Please would you do a labour and birth update. I am pregnant and it would really help me thank you

  2. He's gorgeous Laura, it's lovely to read updates and find out how he and you are :) xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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