Saturday, 26 September 2015

KFC Slimming World Style

I have literally just finished eating this and had to do a post to share this ultimate, healthy delciousnous of a meal. Seriously yummy!

Even if you are not following Slimming World this is a great recipe to make as its all home-made and low in fat.


Skinless chicken drumsticks or chicken thighs, all visible fat removed
1 egg
2 Tsp of chicken Bovril
Half a cup of Smash instant potato flakes
1 Tsp of black pepper
1 oxo cube
0.5-1 Tsp of onion powder
0.5-1 Tsp of garlic powder/salt
0.5-1 Tsp of sweet paprika
0.5-1 Tsp of chilli powder 


Mix the egg and Bovril together.

Mix all the spices and smash flakes together.

Dip each (raw) piece of chicken into the egg until covered and then into the smash/spice mix. Lay onto a baking tray that's pre-sprayed with Frylite and repeat with the next piece.Make sure you also spray on top of the chicken with Frylite also. 

Cook until golden brown.


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