Thursday, 24 September 2015

Send a postcard for FREE #makesome1smile‏

I am all about FREEBIES and this is one I have done before and am so happy there is another voucher code to get a free postcard. Simply download the app for free, select a postcard, upload whatever picture you want, write a message and order using the code M8KESOM1:) at the end of your order, you have until the 27th to use it. This is completely free not even p+p charges.

I sent one to myself last time with a picture of Henry for his scrapbook and this time, mainly because the theme is to make someone smile, I decided to send one to my mother-in-law as she has been tremendously busy at work and could only see him once this fortnight, which has really upset her. So I sent the following, which knowing her, will make her cry before smiling. 

Hi Nana

I thought I would send you a picture so you can see me everyday. 

Love lots and lots from your favourite grandson.

Henry xoxoxoxo

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