Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sweet Treats for my Sweet

Myself and my husband never go out for Valentines, his excuse is he loves me everyday of the year so does not want to partake in these traditions and waste money. Well he is just a party pooper, and any excuse to have a nice treat I am all over it. I started a little tradition about 10 years ago where I'd buy him a heart cookie or gingerbread, sometimes changing it up to a heart shaped pork pie, anything he can eat and he is happy. This year I'm thinking to go a little further and doing a full 3 course meal, with wine and then the sweet treats. Now my husband will moan if I spend a lot of money on Valentines but I am glad to see Morrisons have made it easy for us to have a special night in with their dine in meals, which more importantly I can pick up with this weeks food shop (2 birds, 1 stone).

Myself and Khila had our very own Gal-entines night whilst we were both child free, and husband free. We had the meal and the wine (both delicious I might add) and chilled in front of the TV with our adorable gingerbreads and cupcakes. My perfect night out has always been a night in and I don't feel we compromised on quality. 

Will you be spending your Valentines night in or out? 

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